Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My favorite basketball anime, Slam Dunk player.

I believe that a lot of people are like Japanese anime.Now I just want to talk about who is my most favorite point guard in the world of Slam Dunk series. Talking about point guard in Slam Dunk we all know that there is bunch of them. Of course! because obviously in every team of basketball there must be at least one point guard in it. A point guard is a very important role in a team because he is the one who make plays or strategies, he’s the one who lead the team and the one who make passes, he is also the one who should carry the ball most of the time, so he must be good at dribbling the ball. In other words point guard position is the main brain of the team inside the court. In slam dunk we all know that there are so many bad-ass point guard in this series like Akira Sendoh, Shinichi Maki, Kenji Fujima, Fukatsu and many more. But for me my most favorite point guard in the series is no other than Ryota jersey

Japanese anime do very well. Feel good. I like it very much.Ryota Miyagi a.k.a Ligthning or Shorty was the starting point guard of the Shohoku Team where Hanamichi Sakuragi playing. He’s only second year, 5’6 inch in height,. He always claim himself that he is the number one point guard in the prefecture and was greatly in love with ayako who is the manager of their jerseys paypal

Talking about his personalities, Miyagi was a very rude guy and only cares for his love ayako. He easily get involved in trouble or in a fist fight. It was proven when he was hospitalized once because he got a fight in group of Hisashi Mitsui who later became a member of the team. He also get involved in a fist fight to the main character of the series Hanamichi Sakuragi who was also a troublesome guy because miyagi mistakenly thought that Sakuragi was Ayako’s new boyfriend but later he found out that it’s not true.

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